Terres D’Afrique Collaboration

Excited to announce Malakai Wellness collaboration with Terres D’Afrique and truely unique skin care brand – that captures the powerful and rare African botanicals, into scientific-driven and organic formulas, to balance the skin and nourish the senses. A brand committed to ethical and sustainable partnerships with local harvesters and to preserving the biodiversity of ecosystems where the ingredients are sourced. Founded by Dr.Stephan Helary from Madagascar, a veterinarian and wildlife conservationist, with a zest for ethnobotany and an extensive knowledge of indigenous African plants. His work is driven by a deep passion for conservation and an unshakeable love of the earth and its gifts. He is committed to demonstrating the power of pure rare ingredients and to working together responsibly with expert African producers and suppliers to bring these ingredients to the world. The name, Terres d’Afrique, is his homage and a constant reminder of the wisdom and beauty the “earth of Africa” provides. The rare ingredients are harvested from wild plants and formulated into products that honour their natural potency. All products are plant based and the majority are certified organic. Ingredients include: KIGELIA from Malawi, helps clarify, tighten and firm, reduces aging, acne, eczema, psoriasis and inflammation. BAOBAB from Limpopo, South Africa, fights free radicals, improves skin tone and elasticity. OMUMBIRI is a warm, woody, grounding scent with hints of lemon,is a key part of the brand’s signature frangance. Well …. having used a range of the products both personally and during my wellness treatments, I can honestly go on about their benefits. But the believing is in the trying. So if this resonates with you and you keen to experience this for yourself, then I invite you to visit @terresdafrique site to familiarize yourself with the organization and communities behind this skin care brand and buy what speaks to you. If you use this code Malakai15 you will get 15% off every time you purchase. 1% of all sales goes to the Baobab Foundation that invests in baobab harvesting communities. Forever inspired by the healing power of the natural world.

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